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Endoscopic Surgery for Morbid Obesity

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Obesity is a complex condition that involves excessive body fat. And this isn’t just a cosmetic concern, but a condition that causes multiple hassles, which may create a disturbance in your daily life. Bariatric surgery will help you get away from obesity.

Obesity is a serious health risk

If your Body Mass index is over 30 its time to take action because obesity is more than a cosmetic problem, it’s a serious health risk obesity is a disease that involves having enough excess body fat to harm your health .Obesity is defined as morbid obesity ( also called severe obesity ) when the BMI Is 40 or greater . if things get this serious the excess weight puts ypur life at risk because it is almost always accompanied by a large number of disorders-known as co-morbidities that have an adverse impact on both health and quality of life, and at the same time shorten life expectancy.

Since obesity is a chronic disease, its symptoms develop only gradually .obesity makes your everyday life difficult too –it cause painful aches in your joint and your back ,breathlessness and skin problems.

Left untreated, Obesity tends to become morbid and lead to other life-threatening conditions such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure ,high cholesterol levels, sleep apnea, infertility (PCOD),cancer ,Perhaps this is all too familiar to you,

1. What is BMI?
BMI or Body Mass Index is a measure of calculating a person’s excess weight. It is calculated by the following formula


Weight ( In kilograms) Height ( In m.) ×Height ) in.m.)
Western Asian
Average built 21-25 18.0-22.5
Over Weight 25-30 22.5-27.5
Obese 30-40 27.5-37.5

How does Morbid Obesity differ from being overweight /obese?

Being overweight and obese are reversible conditions that can be treated by medical management whereas morbid obesity patients that they gain weight easily.

These patients find it difficult to lose weight and even more difficult to sustain it.

2. What are the risks associated with morbid Obesity?
Morbid obesity is an extreme health hazard with medical, psychological, social, physical and economic co-morbidities there is increased risk of developing high blood pressure, diabetes (type-2), heart disease, stroke, gallstones disease, breast cancer prostate and colon.

Morbidly obese persons are victims of prejudice and public ridicule due to their size .This repeated mental trauma leads to psychological illness such as depression.

Discrimination at work results in poor socio-economic conditions Morbid obesity it a treated cause of early Preventable deaths.
3. Why Should Morbid Obesity be treated?
Morbid Obesity is a disease like any other disease. It has become necessary to recognize this entity as a cause of severe mental and physical morbidity which shows significant improvements following weight loss .it is more important for the patients themselves to understand this disease, its morbid implications and their inability to control it on their own.
4. What is Bariatric surgery?
Bariatric surgery is a treatment option for patient with morbid obesity.
  • This surgery helps you lose weight by altering your body’s food digestion and absorption.

  • There are several surgical options, each having their benefits and risks.

Some Bariatric Procedures

Sleeve Gastrectomy: Staples are used to create a vertical tube of the stomach. Food passes in limited amounts through the tube and creates fullness and restricts intake.

Mini Gastric Bypass: Mini Gastric Bypass (MGB or Loop Gastric Bypass) Is a malabsorptive procedure with good short term and long team weight loss. Here the lesser curvature of the stomach is detached from the stomach and attached to the loop of small bowel. it causes both restriction and malabsorption, causing good long team weight loss.

Gastric Bypass: A large position of the stomach is closed off. This leaves a small pouch to hold food; restricting the amount that can be eaten at one time .The small intestine is cut below the duodenum and reattached to the new stomach pouch, leaving a shortened path for food to travel through.


5. Is Morbid Obesity Surgery for you?

You will qualify for morbid obesity surgery if

  •    You are classified as Morbidly Obese ( BMI more than 37.5)

  •    Your BMI is 32.5-37.5.with severe obesity related medical conditions e.g.diabetes,heart disease ,high blood pressure ,arthritis etc.

  •    Other methods of weight loss ( dietary ,medicines ) have been unsuccessful)

  •    You have understood the surgical procedure for weight loss, the risk s and after effects involved and are committed to making lifelong behavioral changes pertaining to dietary and physical activates

6. How Does Morbid Obesity surgery Change your Life?
  •    You are classified as Morbidly Obese ( BMI more than 37.5)

  •    Follow-up is necessary in the first year surgery and then as advised by your surgeon for dietary/nutritional counseling.

  •    Weight loss starts soon after surgery and continues for 2 years.

  •    Improvements occur in obesity related medical conditions, with almost 60% patients not requiring medication.

  •    There is enhanced quality of life with improved stamina, mood, self-esteem and body image.

  •    Obesity surgery is not a cosmetic surgery.

  •    Care for the morbidly obese requires a comprehensive set-up. The management team comprises of the surgeon, dietician, Endocrinologist, Physician, Cardiologist, Physiotherapist and psychologist.